Left on the playground

Dear Mrs. K,

I am sorry I was late coming back inside after lunch. I set myself a goal today, you see: I was going to climb all the way around the snow piles. The big, beautiful ones that get made when they clear off the ice rink. I was pretending I was an explorer in Antarctica. I started at a clear spot with my back to the school and I walked to the left.

But you know how hard it can be to walk in snow, especially when you are little and the snow is deep. The wind has made a crust on the deep snow too. When I stepped on it, it crunched open and my boot sank deep into the soft snow underneath. Sometimes the snow got into my boot, and when it melted it hurt my skin. But I kept going! I have read about brave Antarctic explorers and how cold and dangerous their trips can be. So the least I can do is keep climbing when there is cold snow down my leg. One crunchy step after another.


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