The perfect creative storm

So a couple of things have happened since I last posted!

  1. I went to Los Angeles. The reason for my trip was sad, but I got to hang out with friends and family I love. And I also got to do some things that were really interesting, because it happened to be the weekend the Olvera Street historical people were running their Dia de los Muertos festival.
  2. My husband has decided to go for it and officially launch his own private financial services business! (I’d link to the website but it’s very much a work in progress. Later post!)
  3. I have decided I need more art in my life. I am not an artist and “art” may only be loosely relevant as a term to describe what I produce, but that’s my goal. And I want to proclaim that publicly and post about it because an imaginary audience makes me keep doing it!

These three things combine to give us the perfect creative storm. Because Dia de los Muertos is one of those things that gives me major cultural envy, and boy is it colorful and inspirational. And so I am beginning not one, but two projects about which I will blog.

The first involves a couple little souvenirs I picked up:


The one on the right is my husband, see? Because he’s in a suit and holding a bag of money? And the one on the left is me because… I am also a lady! Although I very rarely wear pretty ladyclothes like this lady, but whatever. Imagination, people.

Here is a better look at the shrine table:


IT HAS BANANAS. How cute is that, people??

So I really wanted to buy one of the full-scale wall-hanging shadowbox shrine things, but there just wasn’t one with the right sort of “people” going on in it. Lots of mariachi bands and newlyweds but I wanted this one to be a commemoration of the new business. So I figured I’d just have to put these guys on a shelf or something.

Then I happened to be at a store full of crafty things, because I have an addiction (but don’t worry, not Hobby Lobby!), and I saw these:


Perfectly-sized boxes! And not just pressed cardboard… they’re papier mâché!*

My imagination began to run wild and I bought a whole lot of other things, most of which sparkled. I have way too many supplies for this project, so we’ll see if that trickles down!

One of the other things I had to have and will definitely use is this picture frame, which was exactly the right size.


I am also using this project to practice patience. I have been doing one (or, okay, two) coats of paint a night and no more. The box helps remind me because it actually starts to bubble if it gets too wet.

So as of last night, this is where we are.


Be excited, folks. Be very excited.


*Dude, yes, I’m going to be pretentious about this phrase, because I don’t get to use it nearly often enough. Now go about your day hearing a gavel bang down and the voice of a distinguished gentleman saying “665, ladies and gentlemen: a papier-mache musical box, in the shape of a barrel-organ. Attached, the figure of a monkey in Persian robes playing the cymbals. This item, discovered in the vaults of the theatre, still in working order…”


3 thoughts on “The perfect creative storm

  1. I LOVE those little boxes! Sorry for the ‘shout’, but I DO! Can’t wait to see the progression of this project 🙂

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